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Why GoGrill?

We are proud to be called a Healthy Food Franchise. We’re happy to mention that our successful network of franchisees has kept growing because our partners are natural leaders and successful businessmen. Naturally, they share their vision and insights with their team and we’re looking for more franchisees just like them!

Moreover, our restaurants have been agile and adaptive to the current world pandemic by establishing an Online Presence and take advantage of online delivery.

We are constantly adapting and evolving to be able to meet our customer’s needs.

This has proven to be effective and has kept our restaurants serving nutritious food to our wholesome customers. Furthermore, across all restaurants, the operating profits have been increasing year after year.

All that to say… it’s a great time to apply to open a GoGrill Restaurant.

And we also have a pretty sweet deal – low entry fee for new restaurants!

A Healthy Food Franchise

Locations Worldwide

We are constantly expanding our healthy restaurants across Canada, the US, and the rest of the world!

Healthy Meals​

Our healthy restaurants serve delicious and nutritious grilled food to our wholesome customers!

Thriving Restaurants

Year after year our franchisees can reap the benefits of owning a thriving healthy restaurant like GoGrill!

Our Restaurants Models

GoGrill Bar

GoGrill Bar

300 to 600 square feet or 30 to 60 square meters. Ideal food courts, shopping centers, commercial areas, airports, colleges, and universities and capable of offering take-away, delivery, catering, and meal programs.

GoGrill Lounge

GoGrill Lounge

600 to 2500 square feet or 60 to 250 square meters. Our lounge model has ample seating and designed to offer a full menu for dine-in, take-out, delivery, catering, and meal programs. It is suitable for posh up-market localities, shopping, residential and commercial districts.

Our Customers

Everything we do is directed and focused on one thing: providing our customers with the finest experience in healthy, nutritious dining. Our efforts to provide the most wholesome natural ingredients, perfectly prepared and presented in a friendly way are all aimed at delighting the person standing on the other side of the counter. 

We’re finding that our customers are from all ages and backgrounds. The common link among all of our customers is that they’re tired of the same old food choices, typically from larger chains offering unhealthy meals made up of fats or additives.

Our Partners

What Makes a Successful Franchise Partner? 

Many first-time franchisees worry that they will not succeed. They wonder if they have the background and drive necessary to run a business. Over the years, we have worked with a very wide variety of individuals, families and partnerships, and have identified several attributes we feel are important for success in franchise ownership:

The Ideal Candidate


A sound understanding of business principles, including budgeting and cash management.


Commitment to investing in marketing and promoting their location(s).


An ability to communicate clearly with customers, employees & vendors.


The ability to successfully motivate employees, and a willingness to reward their efforts.


They count with the support of their family, their close friends and loved partners.


A dedication to work directly on the business – a key indicator of future success.

reduced royalties!

We like to take care of our partner’s business and we’d like to help you get started as easily as possible. This is why we have reduced our royalties for a limited time only!

Inquire today and enjoy our comfortable Reduced Royalties for the first 3 months of your business operation!

Here is what you get:

Franchisee Benefits 1

Own Your Own Restaurant

You’ll be the one to make the rules, set the pace, and the one who reaps the rewards of your effort. The satisfaction you’ll gain from seeing your own healthy food franchise business prosper and thrive is a priceless gift.

Franchisee Benefits 2

Comprehensive Training

We want each and every one of our franchise partners to succeed in building a profitable, healthy business. This is why we provide extensive training in advance, including systems, finances, food preparation, and personnel practices. You’ll get everything you need to get your business underway.

Franchisee Benefits 3

Low-Entry Cost

Enjoy low entry fees and start ripping the benefits of owning your own healthy restaurant!

Franchisee Benefits 4

Healthy Products

Our test kitchen is staffed by experienced chefs and nutritionists who are continually working on exciting new menu items for our healthy restaurant. You’ll be able to introduce new items with the knowledge that they have been extensively tested by one of the best franchise businesses

Franchisee Benefits 5

Marketing & Digital Presence

Spread the freshness and the love by taking advantage of our Marketing Strategies, Branding, and Content Creation! Reach your customers and establish your brand.

Franchisee Benefits 6

Continuous Support

We always stand by our franchise partners. Fresh & Healthy will provide ongoing support for your business, including advertising and promotional ideas, marketing programs, ongoing menu development, and new product introductions.

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